Nordøst Exchange

Modern adaptive reuse commercial and retail space located in the heart of Minneapolis

Transforming a space that will empower and inspire with great potential by looking through an international lens. We’ve blended classic Nordic minimalism with hygge — a scandinavian ethos derived from well-being and comfort.

We've enhanced the work experience by minimizing the industrial feel for our tenants. The Nordost property provides more than traditional office spaces. Giving tenants access to amenities like private gardens, bike storage, shower rooms, and free parking, we have elevated the tenant experience, grounded with Scandinavian roots.

Square Footage
# of Tenants
Asset Type
Mixed Use
Minneapolis, MN

Nørdost is the perfect setting for convenience and creativity

We believe people are the product of their surroundings. Gone are the days in which it was the norm to work 9-5s in windowless rooms, with drop ceilings and carpet tiles. Modern creativity is inspired by modern spaces. Open minds propagated by open environments.

Inspired by the culture with a focus on balance, in work and life, in minimalism and in hygge, Nordøst was given its name by the Norwegian word for Northeast — allowing us to create a creative space for modern businesses, but giving a nod to the heritage of the area.

Workplaces to inspire and empower

Nørdost is the perfect setting for convenience and creativity.

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800 LaSalle Avenue
Suite 1210
Minneapolis 55402

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